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Death Investigations
The coroner's office conducts death investigations into certain areas, among them homicides, accidents and others of unusual nature. What appears to be a natural death may be criminal, an apparent suicide may actually be an accidental death, and a natural death may reveal serious implications for survivors. Because of criminal and public health implications, your coroner must treat every death carefully. Upon first learning that a person in the county has died from violence, casualty, unusual circumstances, suspicious activity or while in apparently good health, the coroner will notify a local law enforcement agency. Together, they investigate the scene. Often, the coroner must restrict access to the death scene in order to properly carry out the investigation. Indiana's county coroners do not need the family's permission to conduct an investigation, but do hasten to compete their investigations so that the family may grieve in peace.

Obligation Information
-Name, age, race and address of the deceased -Address where body found. -Name of agency to which death was reported -Name of the person reporting death -Name of public official or government employee present at the death scene -Name of person certifying death-Limited information regarding an autopsy:date, person who performed autopsy, where performed, conclusion as to probable cause, probable manner, probable mechanism -Location to which body was removed -Records required under IC 36-2-14-5 and IC 36-2-14-10.